Automate communication with customers

Increase warehouse profitability by efficiently distributing storage occupancy during peak and seasonal busy periods.

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How does Fishplace
help warehouses?

Our goal is to make warehouses available to stockers,
increasing uniform freezer occupancy rates

Increased occupancy rate

Track warehouse capacity utilization in real time

Work with requests

Online receipt and processing of requests for loading, storage and shipment by the storage companies

Online document management

Transparent exchange of documents using electronic signature

Automate your
business processes

Free up time from routine
to grow and prosper your enterprise

Increase customer flow

Post detailed information about your services on the Internet

Balance the load

Increase storage turnover during peaks and capacity utilization during downturns

Reduce costs

Fishplace automation will eliminate calls, unnecessary approvals and speed up product placement decisions

  • 5Warehouses
  • 60%Average workload
  • 10Warehouses
  • 80%Average workload
  • 10Warehouses
  • 65%Average workload
  • 5Warehouses
  • 45%Average workload
  • 10Warehouses
  • 65%Average workload

We work with
most warehouses in Russia

Expanding our geographical presence
  • 130 Warehouses connected
  • 20 Cities of Russia
We work with
  • Hladeko
  • Delfin
  • Urbanfish
  • Tihij okean
  • Dalkomholod

4 880 000 t

Capacity potential of the FISHPLACE platform

4 880 000 t

Capacity potential of the FISHPLACE platform

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Fill in the legal details of your company, attach documents.

Specify warehouse information

Fill in information about the number and volume of your chambers, temperature ranges and other characteristics.

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Receive storage requests from fish companies from all over Russia and increase the turnover rate of your tanks.